Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kirwans track

Last weekend Berit, Maria, Patrick and I headed up to the West Coast, Reefton, to avoid the shitty weather. Brilliant plan (thanks Berit!) and it turned out to be beautiful. On our way to there we jumped into some hotpools along side the road (to leave the final work stress behind!) and we stayed in this hostel from the early 50's where we played scrabble. Chocolate scrabble...

The track was lovely: from the start till the hut...slowly...going...up...hill...Needless to say I was knackered at the top.

It was frosty frosty cold higher up and Mr Winter makes the sunlight lovely. And ice stars on the huts windows!

All pictures are taken by above three; and as you can see I was using walking poles and I'm in a lot of pictures: I was an easy slow target. First time with poles. For the snow that wasn't really there. But thank God I had them...The first minute I put my walking shoes on I noticed there was something wrong with my foot.

Result: autjs during the entire hike.

Post-hiking result: a physio who tells me I'm getting old (WHAT?), who has given me some exercises to do which really help and who got me into doing Spring Challenge in September...

Needless to say she reckons I will be fine...!