Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kayaking...scary new hobby!

I've started a diploma in teaching this year. It is fun but a lot of work, especially since I'm also working full time. So this last term I decided NOT to take a third teaching paper, but learn how to kayak instead with the local kayaking club. Great club who put a lot of effort into newbies!

The course was very intense for 2 weeks (3x pool, 1x beach, 2x lake/river and 2x river) and it has been amazing to see how quickly everyone learned. Started off being shit scared even getting into the kayak (you feel 'stuck') from being nervous about being up side down under water, till superduper focussed getting down a grade 2 river. I learned heaps, got very very tired, got adrenaline pumped but generally loved it. Since then I haven't been out because work took over again (finishing my job to start a new one in 2011) but I'm hoping to pick it up again in the new year!

Pictures are all Susan Cornahs: it is funny to see how I discovered on the last day that my seat wasn't adjusted well enough for my posture...I constantly felt like I had to pull myself up...which shows in the pictures I reckon!

P.S. The grade 2 bit has not been 'evidenced' since it was quite hands-on...:)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

3 boxes on Hyundai Busan...

When I decided to move out of my lovely house to go travelling around the world in 2007, I moved all of my stuff from my flat to my parents. Since then friends have bought some of the quality stuff, my brother has taken a lot of furniture, my sister is using the odd bit and when I was in Europe last my parents asked me to go through all my 25 odd boxes of stuff...and get rid of it. It was quite fun actually. Most of my stuff I gave to the neighbours: their daughter was about to go to uni so she could do with some basics!

Of course I still had all my papers from uni: first assignment I wrote, first mini- linguistic research I did (following kids in the train and analyse their speech!) and lots of notes. Most notes I had no idea what I was on about (I mean, I could see it was my handwriting, but honestly...No clue whatsoever!), but some notes I would say I master that now. Probably about 5-10%. Quite shocking isn't it?! And about 3 folders of data for my masters. Needless to say I chucked it all out. Autsj. There is no point is keeping it. So by the end of my sneezing time going through the boxes (and the giggles and the moments of 'oh no, yes I remember that') I was left with 3 half full boxes. My European life, 27 years of gathering ... reduced to 3 boxes.

I arranged for the boxes to be shipped out to NZ by Seven Seas. So far they have been amazingly well organised: they delivered new sturdy boxes for free, their paper work was clear, they arranged the NZ custom papers and warned of common mistakes, they rang to remind you of the pick up etc etc. Brilliant. Exactly what a well organised Dutch girl on the other side of the world wants! So my mother re-packed the boxes, put some liquorice in to fill up the load (YAY!!!) and off they went. It can take up to 3 months. So. Fun. So I logged into my account to see whether the payment went through (I told you I was well organised: daughter of my father!) and I found out on which boat my boxes are. How cool! So I googled the boat and it gets even better: you can see where Hyunadai Busan is and what route it has taken. It is near Taiwan at the moment.

And the best bit is that I'm not paying for it, work is!

Friday, 5 November 2010


What is that with blogs and me?


No adventures to write about? Eh no.
No computer or Internet at home? Ah, well, no.
People not reading the blog? Ahah, they were, but maybe not anymore!
Am I lazy? Mmm, no, but yes computer lazy.
Don't I have stories to tell about NZ, my friends, my whanau, my house or work? No...
Don't I take pictures? Yes, No. (very kiwi thing...)

Anyway, new action: more blog posts. My friends Amy and Michelle always make lists of things they have to do after they have their birthday. Amy turned 31 a while ago and on her list was re-instating her blog. Good one. Since I'm 31, I thought I should do the same...

So here we are. First post is about...Amy, Michelle and I doing Spring Challenge (multisport event). And yes I'm taking the lazy way out because I'm busy kayaking: go here to see Amy's post!