Monday, 30 November 2009

Queen Charlotte track - late November

So. Last one with pictures. I still owe you my pictures from an amazing cool trip to Marlborough Sounds: biking the Queen Charlotte track with Amy, Michelle (aka Mighty Midgets) and Steve. It is a walking track but you can also bike it; we took a lazy-ish 3 days for it which meant about 3-4 hours of biking per day, then pitch up our tent, and give our legs and bums a well deserved rest. Biking was up and down....and up. Steep cliffs, amazing views and lots of learning. I improved my balancing act: going steep up is going much better now! Downhill was crazy and cool and I only fell off once at a switchback. No biggie. Then, nutters as we are, Amy, Michelle and I decided to bike back the last 25 km to the starting point. As you do.

I loved this trip so much more than I expected: the biking was awesome. I sound like a teenager. I know. But it was awesome! More pictures soon if I get them from the others...!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Wellington - Glynn and Jayne - in November

Finally I went to see the capital of New Zealand: Wellington. I heard lots about it, but unfortunately work has never taken me there. Auckland is more the hype for that...Anyway, one of Patrick’s best friends, Glynn, lives there with Jayne. So they had a spare bed for us and they showed me around. We visited some great musea (definitely a miss in Christchurch), went for walks and city-coffees!